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  The Meditation Experience  

The Meditation Experience
Volume I

These nature meditations, a series of inner journeys for peace, insight and healing, will open your heart, expand your senses, and awaken your mind to the wellspring of wisdom within you.
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Some years ago I read a brilliant book, What Dreams May Come, whose storyline was that in the plasmic substance of the afterworld, people perceive only the reality created by their thoughts, beliefs and expectations. They live in this reality until they wake up to their infinite potential to create and inhabit magnificent worlds of love, beauty and service.

This makes such perfect sense, doesn’t it, with quantum mechanics teaching us that physical reality adjusts to our expectations of it. So many of us, grasping this, have begun to perceive and create our realities from the infinite fields of possibility that are open to us.

We are learning to look into the mirrors in our lives–people, circumstances, books and movies–to see inside our own hearts and minds. If we don’t like what we see, we can rewrite the script, repaint the canvas, reshape the clay. With the awesome creative powers of mind, heart and soul, we envision a higher reality until the energy of this thought-form permeates and uplifts us into a more beautiful dream of life.

It sounds ridiculously simple and is. According to the late great psychic diagnostician Edgar Cayce, using a constructive ideal like peace, joy, oneness or love as a focal point in meditation atomically builds that ideal into body, mind and spirit.

By no coincidence, I just read an article supporting this in “Venture Inward” magazine (July-August 2004). It was written by a psychotherapist who created a 30-minute cassette of affirmations for an elderly friend developing Alzheimer’s Disease, according to his two physicians. The man played these affirmations each night at bedtime for 30 days and steadily grew happier and more tolerant, compassionate and loving. He did not develop Alzheimer’s and also cured severe macular degeneration in his left eye.

How do we know what to dream up for ourselves?

We go within, during a contemplative walk or silent meditation, says my still, small voice, so that we can come to know the deepest recesses of the heart and soul as our true nature. We go deeper than mind to touch the destiny and hope of the soul for self and All That Is, and here we ask: what is my heart’s desire? what thrills me with pleasure? what excites and inspires my self to soul and spirit?

Your answers will relate to the fulfillment of your gifts and talents–dreams unmet, hopes unrealized, joys denied, possibilities unexplored or perhaps a simple need for relaxation and time spent with loved ones. First we fill our cups with beauty, music and pleasure in ourselves and our abilities, then we share our fullness with others.

Some of us might seek to fulfill our longings through other people, my soul pointed out, but this often leads to heartbreak. Instead of seeking completion outside of self, we are better served by going within to the Source of all supply, where we travel “constellations of know-ledge and experience lighting the cosmos beyond time and space.” Complete in ourselves, we move into oneness with the Divine, which cures our fears and failings. We become all that we can and are meant to be.

This is what dreams are made of. Nothing is beyond our grasp, my still, small voice tells me, unless it is detrimental to our soul growth.

It is easy to awaken what is dormant within us. Just lie in bed in the morning, listen to the birds, and ask what your life can be in that moment, that day. Then live your prayer of life and watch what dreams may come.

May we live each moment as if it were our last, knowing there is no last moment in Creation, only the One moment.

This is what Tracy Chapman tells us in her song, “Heaven’s Here on Earth”:

“If we have faith in humankind, respect for what is earthly and an unfaltering belief in peace and understanding/Then heaven’s here on earth.”

She sings it into being for us, that we might do the same for ourselves: “We are born inside the gates/With the power to create life and to take it away/The world is our temple, the world is our church/Heaven’s here on earth.”

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One of the most common questions asked by spiritual seekers is how to differentiate between the true voice of the soul and the prattling of ego. The obvious answer is the nature of the guidance: whether it’s high-minded and helpful to you and others or, by contrast, self-serving and braggadocios.

True guidance comes with universal lessons applicable to the present situation and beyond, plus we are usually able to see, hear, sense or know, deep down, whether we’re attuned to the divinely inspired voice of soul or the self-serving ego.

Most of the time, that is. Sometimes it's harder to tell the difference. This occurs for a variety of reasons, including fragmented states of consciousness brought on by stress or illness, and most commonly, the abject fear of making a mistake. We don’t want to look silly and risk rejection or abandonment.

There’s also the issue of needing to do self-development work to sharpen perceptual clarity. Lots of people prefer to get their answers from intuitives rather than work to get their own guidance–even though it’s cheaper, far more dependable and is the disciplined self-mastery we came here to do!

I was questioning my inner teacher recently and got some answers on soul-unfoldment that might interest you, too. (In reading this, kindly translate references to "the Father" as Light or Love or Universal Mind, Father/Mother/God, the Quantum Field, or whatever else makes sense to you.)

Q: Is there any block or fear in me which limits my work?

A: Look within to see many fears being dispelled with each step forward. These arise at the thought of stepping forward and disappear with each step accomplished. They are readily felt when occurring, but have no hold upon thy life and its destiny.
Look deeper to thy fears of unworthiness and failure, to ideas of not being enough or having enough to accomplish what is needed. These are human fears created by separation from the Father. Be more near the Father each day and these will not guide thy thoughts and actions, but rather, will find themselves in a steady state of decay.

In Oneness with the divine are we freed of human fears and failings. In seeking healing from these do we find self healed, with the thought and intention of healing. These are the products of Oneness and cause to seek it.

Seek it and be raised to the Oneness in thee and in all else.

In each soul is the potential for separation and unity. Lack of love for self and others, fear of failure, loss of hope–all these create separation that can be difficult to bridge. Erase the cause, erase the separation. Seek to end it, this will be done by means drawn to thee for this purpose.

Not one or two things find themselves in this dynamic structure, but all. Ask to see the cause of a thought or behavior, and the answer will be given, the situation resolved.

For there are powers in each soul to bring about whatever change is needed and desired by the seeker of Spirit. The power in thee works with the power in All That Is to accomplish this. Will it and it will be done.

What else is needed by any, but this knowledge of infinite power to create one’s life and all of reality on Earth? See each goal accomplished and go on to the next. Share the triumph with others and gather great power unto self, to do the work of soul and Spirit.

Here is the purpose of all Creation: to create one’s own experience in attunement to the All That Is, so that each spirit, each soul seeks the highest and best for self and others. This is All That Can Be, All That Is, and the beginnings of a peace of perfect order and harmony.

Go within to build this work and rejoice in the feelings of oneness and bliss. In these is the knowledge of All That Is and All That Can Be.

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Besides asking your soul, during meditation, for its dreams for your life, you could also dream your answers during sleep. If you’re a dedicated dreamworker, you already know how to do this: to ease body pain, eat early in the evening and, upon lying down, ask for a dream or to dream about a particular something. Your subconscious and unconscious minds will soon work their magic for you, since this and soul's other "languages," as I call them, by nature exist to benefit every aspect of your being.

Upon waking, it’s easy to remember what feels like a meaningful dream if you lie still with your eyes closed and visually "replay" the dream before moving or beginning to think about anything else. Then write down your dream in a dream diary kept by your bed, leaving a wide left or right margin in which to jot down ideas that pop up now or later on.

I learned from my still, small voice how to interpret dreams and have had extraordinary success with dreaming and dream interpretation over the past 16 years. Check my Calendar of Events for a "River of Dreams" workshop in your area, or invite me to visit your home and present a workshop to your friends.

The passages below come from my book, The Voice of the Soul, and explain a good bit about dreams and how to interpret them. Perhaps this will awaken you to the power of dreams as I was awakened years ago. Dreaming is easily one of the richest sources of soul guidance and the most trustworthy, since the sleep state requires the opinionated intellect to get out of the way!

So, dream a little dream for us all, sang The Mamas and the Papas: "Sweet dreams till sunbeams find you/Sweet dreams that leave all your worries behind you/But in your dreams whatever they be/Dream a little dream of me."

Or better, dream of your wise, kindly soul, which the following passages claim will reveal anything you want or need to know. If you are willing, you can star in your own dreams and experience life in exciting new ways, as I relate in this excerpt:

"Despite my runaway work schedule and worry about my daughters, I walked my spiritual path with a sense of great pleasure: it was magical, wondrous, exhilarating. With the possible exception of my children, I was in charge of my life and my destiny, from tiny details to the grand scheme of things! I was beginning to believe, as incredible as it seemed, what the writings said about the mind shaping reality.

How could I not believe it? The writings pointed out that my life was stabilizing, and this was true. I saw linkages on my own, too, and as the passage of time drew more light into my being, I watched synchronous events manifest quicker and quicker in accordance with the depth of my desire!

I was delighted, then, but not surprised when the doors to my sleeping mind flew open in dreams. Old sorrows about my ex-husbands surfaced in sleep, and upon waking, my writings guided me to release blame, forgive myself and ask my husbands for forgiveness. In other dreams, I made amends for hurts to incidental people I hadn’t thought about for years.

It was a pleasure to attend this ‘school’ of guidance at night. Some dreams brought explicit health remedies, some related to child-rearing. Like most people’s dreams, mine had always reflected deep inner urges and, although occasionally meaningful, were usually a jumble of images. Now my dreams became a theater of guidance, and as I paid more attention to them, the symbolic ‘cast members’ cleverly cooperated by sharpening their acting skills and presenting vivid, memorable vignettes! It was almost as if the stage had been dark and empty before, but now, the curtain was going up on a colorful, full-blown spectacle. Each morning as I woke up, the cast of characters vanished, but the script was etched into my memory.

I was awake in an entirely new way. Beginning with the dream about my grandfather, I realized that not just ordinary life but my dream life, too, was a mirror revealing what I needed to see. In the years ahead, as light filled and began to heal my pain-racked body, I slept deeper and my sleeping mind was free to roam into higher consciousness and its intriguing world of symbols. These movie-like dreams were extraordinary, and I searched them for meaning by recording them in a dream journal kept by my bed. This helped me ‘read’ them better, but often, my dreams disappeared as I came awake. Eventually, I turned to my writings to retrieve elusive dreams that seemed especially important and, in doing so, discovered that this is the wide-open doorway to dream work. The voice easily interpreted my dreams, and I came to see that all of these ‘soul’ dreams held rich, wondrous complexity, but that I could gain access to their deepest levels of meaning only through my writings. I simply asked what the dream had been about, and the answers poured from my pen. I was amazed by the writings’ clear, convincing explanations of my dreams, and their easy relationship convinced me that both were taking place in higher consciousness.

In time, and with help from my writings, I came to understand that life challenges are portrayed in our personal symbolism and resolved in dreams by soul. I knew that everything in my dreams was a clue to an unsolved mystery in my life, to be unraveled from the meaning of the setting, action and characters–just as in a play. The key to grasping the meaning was knowing that each of the characters represents some ‘characteristic’ of or tendency in me. When a role is played by someone known in my waking life, their personal characteristics or life situation adds extra shades of meaning to the dream.

From these soul dreams, I recognized that we can interpret our waking lives in exactly this same way. In coming years, I would spend time at Choctaw Indian gatherings and learn how easily native people observe and interpret the signs and symbols in the natural world. They see that every thought, action, person, object and event in our lives carries relevant meaning; Great Spirit speaks in signs and symbols appearing to guide us through this waking dream that we call life. It was just as my earliest writings explained: perceiving life symbolically lifts us into higher consciousness through the mind of transcendence, our highest level of perception."

Excerpt from pages 66-68 of "The Voice of the Soul: A Journey into Wisdom and the Physics of God," by Judith Pennington

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A lion was captured and placed in a large yard surrounded by a high fence. He soon became acquainted with the social life of the other lions who had been there a long time.

The lions had divided themselves into several clubs, each with its own activities. One group met regularly to hate and slander the captors. Another group met to sing sentimentally about a future jungle having no fences. And a third group met to secretly plot violence against the other groups.

Each club tried to pressure the newcomer into joining, but something held him back. His hesitation was caused by observing one particular lion who kept to himself and who seemed to be in deep thought. The newcomer shyly approached the solitary lion and requested an explanation of his apartness.

'Join nothing,' replied the lion. 'Those foolish creatures do everything but the necessary. I am doing what is essential, so one day I will be out of here. You are welcome to all the facts I have uncovered.'

'But what is this necessary thing you are doing?'

'Listen carefully. I am studying the nature of the fence.'

Esoteric Encyclopedia of Eternal Knowledge

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"If you can dream it, you can do it."

Walt Disney

"Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting:
The Soul that rises with us, our life's Star,
Hath had elsewhere its setting,
And cometh from afar:
Not in entire forgetfulness,
And not in utter nakedness,
But trailing clouds of glory do we come
From God, who is our home..."

William Wordsworth, "Ode: Intimations of Immortality:
Recollections from Early Childhood"


The Still, Small Voice

The mission of this newsletter is to bring you the inner peace needed to access the voice of your soul. With this guidance we are lifted into our highest and best, and the Earth becomes a more humane and enlightened place.

Judith Pennington, editor

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