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Recently I heard a minister arguing with a radio talk show host over whether it’s right or wrong to remove “Merry Christmas” signs from department store displays, which apparently some major stores did this season in an effort to be more inclusive.

It was a good move, if the season is really about universal peace and good will. The Solstice has always been a time of celebration before we creatures withdraw into winter's seclusion and the deep inner self: a sparkling gift from God and nature.

We can celebrate and enjoy our religious traditions, and find in them community, guiding principles and greater awareness of God. But it is our quiet ways that lift us into the heart’s embrace and the oneness that gives rise to our finest qualities: kindness, compassion, tolerance, acceptance, forgiveness and love. Only by living in oneness can we can reach the One.

I dream of a time when religious divisions fade away like burnt-out candles, and self-knowing flickers into the quiet, deeper being to kindle the wisdom of the heart and shine its radiant light into the world. This light is not some distant star, as in the Christmas story, but the truth of who we are: pure, perfect beings of light seeking birth in a world torn apart by partisan conflict and war.

In the past year, as catastrophic earth changes opened our hearts, I watched peace break out across our planet and ring the bells of freedom and hope. People wandered from the safety of their homes and crossed boundaries to reach out to one another, awakening to their own goodness and the sacredness in all of life. It is no accident that now we are rejecting war, killing, poverty and corporate greed.

We have opened our eyes and may never close them again. Perhaps like you, I believe that in this past year the power of prayer unmasked corrupt politicians and mitigated earth changes that might have caused even more human suffering. Untold numbers of us, moved by some indefinable urge, sent healing light to world leaders, spiritual teachers and Mother Earth, and it is clear that these open, undirected prayers did bring about higher good. Today we are experiencing the spiritual awakening sought by so many for so long.

Let us remember this in days to come: Only the awakened heart can awaken us to peace and reconciliation. Here is our common ground, in our dream of love.

How do we hold the light of truth amidst inner and outer conflicts that drive us to war? It is easy to do if only we can know this: Eternal truth lives in the depths of our hearts, in our wisdom and oneness, and will always guide us to peace.

This is the lost message of all great spiritual teachers. If we want peace, we must cultivate it in our hearts; if we want joy, we must seek the wellspring of joy within us. If we dream of knowing the Beloved, we must know the beloved in us, in others and in all things.

Let us turn within, beyond the busy distractions of the outer world, and grow in the contemplative darkness of winter. Your wisdom and beauty lie within and beg release. Open your heart to yourself and blossom.

The day is coming when we will all stand side by side, welcomed and accepted for our uniqueness, and creatively sharing our abundance: living together in prosperity, grateful for it and opening the heart ever wider to co-create a new humanity on a peaceful, enlightened planet. If we dream this, we will awaken to it.

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If our wisdom, beauty and light lie within our peace, how do we find it in a world of not-peace? A good way to do so is to light an inner candle.

1) Begin by closing your eyes to see the darkness. Strike a match and light a lantern to illuminate your deepest self.

2) Become aware of your deepest self, happy and laughing, and ask your heart what brings it joy.

3) Once you know this answer, ask what is in the way of your joy, if anything. Is this obstruction real or imagined? If real, what needs to happen to open the way to your joy? If imagined, how might you shift the perception to a more positive one?

4) Now become aware of a beautiful inner light intensifying in your heart. How does it feel? If you want to share your inner beauty, do this by extending your light to a loved one, culture or nation, and/or the Earth herself.

5) Imagine that light circulating through your body, bringing vitality to every atom and cell, and healing any pain and discord. Become aware of this energizing light flowing through you, making you stronger, younger and completely whole.

6) Connect with the spiritual light in the cosmos and allow it to uplift you even higher into your beauty, wisdom and light. Feel this occurring as you open to and ask for this enlightenment.

7) When you are ready, open your eyes and bring your love out to the world. You are now greater than you were before, and the more often you do this, the more beautiful you and your life will become.

This is the simple secret of all the ancient masters, proved beyond a doubt by modern consciousness research and quantum science. There is a light, and it is within you. Desire perfection and it is yours.

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In the aftermath of the Indian Ocean tsunami, Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and the recent earthquake in Pakistan, I have noticed the presence of much higher spiritual energies in my life and in the Earth. The quantum field hums with these high-frequency pitches, which sound like crickets at first, and during meditation expand into the roaring sound of a waterfall.

It is a beautiful sound to me. Sufi and Hindu mystics, as well as Buddhist monks, retreat to woods and caves to hear this “music of life,” as they call it. The Jewish Essenes and early Christian Gnostics described it as the “involution” of the Holy Spirit. I know it as the love that carries me into joy and oneness with All That Is. It opens my heart and mind, expands me into the Greater Love and sets me back down in a world filled with greater light for my journey.

I thought the explanation for these higher energies was simply the benevolent nature of life: that higher energies were appearing during the past year’s catastrophic earth changes to alleviate pain and suffering.

While this is undoubtedly true, my still, small voice says we can access this new dimension’s higher energies at any time. Stepping into the soul relieves physical pain and fatigue, and at the same time inspires the body-mind with vibrant energy, creative ideas and higher direction.

If you are experiencing the quandary of many compassionate people—outputting so much energy that it’s beginning to drain you—here’s how to tap into a bottomless well and an endless river of healing.

This exercise will fill any empty cup with energy, wisdom and light. Use this terrific technique as needed!

  1. When your heart stalls and your body stalls, too, find a quiet place and go within, gently falling or floating deeper and deeper into the peace of your heart. Call to your soul self and say, “I submerge myself in you.”

  2. Now take the thought of surrender into your heart and hold it close, seeing your egoic self merge into the light of your greater self. Say firmly, “It is done.”

  3. See your higher self accomplishing your work in creative joy and light, and allow it to guide you forward.

Restoring yourself does not take much time. What you will feel and see, create and make come true is true and takes place in material reality. Neither the brain nor the soul sees any difference between the inner and the outer. Only the ego differentiates.

During or following this meditation, you might want to ask your ego some interesting questions. What does your higher self look like? And the lower self? What part does love play? And light? What is the feeling and how can it be remembered for re-creation at any time? Blazing these communication pathways (literally a neurological network) helps your conscious and subconscious mind connect and cooperate.

There’s another interesting benefit. Stepping into the soul naturally increases our psychic awareness, since we begin to perceive through the eyes of the soul and what we see is all there is. Of course, the only way to know this for sure is to try it out. Experience is always our finest teacher.

Perhaps you will be as surprised as I was by how quickly stepping into your soul can transform your heart. I tried this technique after learning it from a meditative writing and it’s worked consistently for me and for others.

Where I’d been driven by body pain and stress before, in the next moment these virtually vanished and my heart was clear and free. I was able to be more generous and loving to myself and my family.

I slept and dreamt well that night, and upon waking realized that stepping into the soul simply opens the heart and mind to love, and love does the healing. The love is always present. When we face a challenging event, our compassion and need open the heart and turn us to love.

Each of us has the innate ability to reach into the deeper self for wisdom, comfort and healing guidance of any kind. Every person and event in our lives awakens us to this deeper self and higher reality.

It is yours for the taking. Just close your eyes and step into your everloving soul.

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Have you ever felt that something is wrong, but been unable to figure out exactly what? Most people have had this experience, especially those of us who would rather zip speedily through life than stop to deal with our roiling emotions.

If we don’t, as some of us have learned, the bubbling cauldron of emotion will eventually boil over to scald us and anyone else standing nearby.

Last September, after the televised nightmare of Hurricane Katrina, I was boiling over, but knew how to staunch the flow. Returning to meditation quelled the fires and restored my peace and higher perspectives, but still there was a persistent, aching sadness for my native Louisiana. Like the people of New York City after 9/11, I found myself crying at the drop of a pin.

This inspirational writing shows why it’s so important to heal the hurting heart and offers two ways to do so. If you feel out of sorts, sad, lost or unsettled in these tumultuous days, it will help you to go within for comfort and answers. Just sit down in a quiet place, withdraw into yourself, and ask what you want or need to know.

There’s nothing more steadying than a good soul talk. Besides comfort and inspiration, you will experience the energy of light flowing through you to heal and uplift your body-mind. If you meditate often, you will always feel these flowing currents of light and will yearn for this spiritual ecstasy: the very presence of the Beloved.

I hope that you will find these two techniques helpful. I’ve included them in a home study workbook, “The Path of the Master: Awakening to Your Inner Light,” soon to be available on as a downloadable e-book.

It is a step-by-step journey into personal and spiritual mastery—admittedly, sometimes a slippery slope—but nevertheless a universal path that diminishes our suffering and builds personal and planetary peace.

September 28, 2005

Q: What is the source of the deep internal sadness and near-surface tears, my upset with the ignorance and brutality in America and the world? Is there a source (of it) that needs repairing in me, or is this about the disasters occurring and hurting people with seemingly greater frequency?

A: Seek within self a place of peace and calm and realize what is within it.

Q: I feel an air of happiness and energy moving. Relief from my sadness. But the moment I return and even think of the word sadness, the tears well up.

A: See, dear one, the difference between expanded perspectives of peace and narrow emotional upset? One gives help, one gives hurt. Here is the choice, then. Retreat into the expanded self or live in the outer orientation.

Q: Yes, I feel the Presence and a steadying of the inner self. And I see the problem: I am unable to go visit my brother. Questions tumble into my mind: Does he need me and am I strong enough to go visit Baton Rouge? Would it help or hurt us both? I feel so drawn to go there. Thoughts of home deepen my sadness, yet I wonder if the sadness comes from this alone.

A: In the deepest heart are the beginnings of this pain, in the separation from thy family. Reach into the pain and see it as a tangled mass of weeds needing to be uprooted, one by one, for release from this boggy ground.

See how leaving thy home besets thee still as a betrayal of all that is loved there, including thy brother. See this and heal it, using this technique:

Reaching toward the weed that stands out, pluck it and touch its red, tender root. Cup the hand around it and bring the healing energy of light to it. Has the color and feel of it changed?

Q: All but the feeling of leaving my brother. I know that I needed to leave the city, but I miss my brother very much. What can I do?

A: See self laughing and talking together on a beautiful day of sharing and caring. Do this as a meditation, then come back to the weed. See if it is healed.

Q: It is healed. I surrounded myself and my brother with light, we stepped into the soul-self and I saw him as being healed and whole. Now my pain is gone and the weed is well also.

A: Then plant it again by the water, dear one, so that it can bring light to the world.

Q: I saw the world’s pain and suffering in a huge clump of weeds along the riverbank. But instead of pulling them up to heal them, I used a scythe to cut them all down. What happens next?

A: Bring the healing waters to the place where they grew. Allow the water to heal them with light and let them grow anew into healthy plants able to flower. Here is the best way, the way of the healing heart.

Heal one by one, where possible. When the illness is too great, too pervasive, release (cut down) the illness, heal the root and begin anew. So must it be for systems, institutions and all which grows into cancerous ways of thinking and being in the world.

For the earth has been poisoned by these and cannot continue to sustain the killers of life. These must be transformed for the transformation of the earth to take place.

See this for what it is: a purification of what ails an ailing planet. Long has this been waiting for its time. Now the time has come, when the poisons arise into the very atmosphere and contaminate life at its source. The cycle can go no further as it is and must change into a higher way of life.

This is the ascension taking place on the Earth today. It is a leaving behind of what does not serve—the poisons—for a stakehold in the light of the new way of being. A new cycle begins, as it must.

Let this be healing for thee now, to see what comes as not only inevitable but the exciting promise of new life as always hoped and expected.

Bring it into thy life, weed by weed, so that the ascension cycle comes into thee to lift thee up into the new life. Do it step by step, with joy, awareness and expectation. Suffering will drop away, with healing joy taking its place.

Here is the lighted way into the new world awakening one and all. Follow this path to the Light.

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Everything you see has its roots in the unseen world.
The forms may change, yet the essence remains the same.
Every wonderful sight will vanish; every sweet word will fade.
But do not be disheartened.
The source they come from is eternal, growing,
branching out, giving new life and joy.
Why do you weep? The source is within you.
And this whole world is springing up from it.

--Jelauddin Rumi


The Still, Small Voice

The mission of this newsletter is to bring you the inner peace needed to access the voice of your soul. With this guidance we are lifted into our highest and best, and the Earth becomes a more humane and enlightened place.

Judith Pennington, editor

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