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In spring and summer I am reminded of the cycles of life, the soul's immortality and how light illuminates the human heart to bring about our blossoming. Neither rain nor storm, drought nor lack of care can prevent love's flowering, for even death yields the seeds of rebirth.

With the myth of death debunked by nature, we can be happy, free and aware that we are not alone, that love is everywhere. Instead, we obsess on fear which, being afraid, hides like the little coward it is and claims to protect us from evil.

Despite our addiction to fear (seen in horror, action and tragedy films), the only real thing to fear is F.E.A.R., identified as False Evidence Appearing Real.

As we move into a new vibration of love, it is time for fear to begone. Not by expecting it to crawl out from under the bed or attacking it with a war cry, but by shining light upon it and watching it disappear.

By nurturing the light within us, we cast fear out of every place it grows: the places that are empty of love.

While real fear protects us from danger, it is senseless fear that drives us to competition and conflict. We know deep down that love is unlimited, that there is more than enough for everyone. Yet we allow the specter of fear to shackle us to delusion and suffering.

We can let fear keep us captive, or raise the torch of love and be free, as I discovered in the summer of 1995, while visiting the light-filled Findhorn community in Scotland.

It is a place where darkness flees of its own accord, and so it fled from me as I came face to face with unresolved anger and sorrow from my past. At day's end, I stumbled up a low mountain, wept until empty, and entered a peaceful meditation in which Light emptied my pain and I became more than I'd been before.

It was an hour or two later when I reawakened to a dark, moonless night and the cold, windy stirrings of a storm. No one knew where I was, so fear rose in the blackness as I groped blindly for a path down the hill, at times sliding precariously close to a rocky edge that dropped hundreds of feet to the ground.

Finally I stood still, closed my eyes and grew quiet. I was standing in a vortex of spiritual energy, a "power point," claimed the community, so I asked for help from the Angel of Findhorn. I didn't believe in angels at the time, even when perceived as an "energetic pattern of love," yet I opened my eyes to an superluminal sight. Just above the ground hovered a soft green vapor tracing several paths down the hill.

I followed one of them back to the lodge and went to bed astonished by what had happened. No matter how I tried to explain it away, I could not. Nor could anyone else.

I've tuned in to the sparkling guidance of love many times since then and now understand that when I open my mind to it, it's always there. Sometimes my logical mind turns a deaf ear to my intuitive heart, and fear gets in the driver's seat. But eventually, I find my Self in meditation and surrender again to love. I know that when real danger is present, I will be shown the way home.

Life comes so much easier when we trust in it and view all events as challenges meant "to thicken the plot," as the Indian poet Ghalib put it. In surrendering fear to love, we step out of duality and "make the two one," said Jesus. When we see with the "single eye of truth," our bodies may be filled with light.

In the fertile warmth of summer, may you spend lots of time in nature. What will spring forth from the heart of your soul is inner peace, joy, freedom and the end of all fear.

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People who are awake and aware work hard to release their fears in order to live in love. The least painful--and most protected--way to deal with fear is to go above it: to awaken to our inner light and perceive the perfection in all things.

When our humanity becomes apparent, and it will, we step back into our divinity to become one with Perfect Mind. No judgment, no blame, as the I Ching says. In the light of love we systematically remove, one by one, the obstacles to our enlightenment.

It sounds easy, doesn't it? Well, while simple, it does require a leap of faith. First we must believe that this is a loving, benevolent universe and every event is perfect, no matter how it looks. Secondly, we realize that our old thoughts, emotions, attitudes and beliefs will feel threatened and struggle to survive. We can avert this by asking our old ways to co-create a new way of being.

For instance, we don't want to eradicate the ancient reptilian brain, a powerful instinctual force that is necessary to protect us from danger. Instead, we want to calm and tame it so that it cooperates with the intuitive heart and thinking mind to signal only realistic warnings of danger.

The following techniques are ways to modulate the lower nature and reconcile it with the higher. The fundamental idea is that each soul projects into an electromagnetic light body that, like a radio or TV, receives and emits sensory signals. If we stay calm enough to tune in to different parts of this instrument, we can master our states of consciousness and systematically dissipate our fears.

The mastery of fear is a quantum leap into personal and planetary evolution, since it is fear and fear alone that moves us to control and dominate other people, races, cultures, nations and Mother Earth.

10 Steps to Freedom

1. Breathe love. When you hear your voice shaking, see your hands tremble, or feel the rise of fear in your belly, breathe deeply and ask love to take its place. While focusing your awareness on a white light above your head, breathe and love yourself and the world with all your heart. Each time you do this, you bring light to yourself and soon will be filled with light. Remember that you are not alone and never will be. Love surrounds you.

2. Be mindful. Whether real or imagined, fear causes the ancient "reptilian" brain (the oldest, bottom layer of brain cells) to seize control of and shut down the cerebral ("mammalian") mind of reason in order to quickly stimulate the body for a physical response. Today, the reptilian brain rarely strikes in response to real danger (except in war-torn countries), but most often responds to memory's fears and conditioned expectations of danger.

Have you ever experienced a reptilian response? You know that you have, if you walk away shaking your head and wondering why you reacted to someone or something else with sudden, surprising violence.

When fear is pervasive, use the Buddhist art of "stopping" to gain control over your inner reptile. Use mind-calming techniques and meditation practice to slow the strike speed of your involuntary nervous system and discover the source of your fears.

You can master your thoughts, words and actions by using these mindfulness meditations taught by the Buddhist peacemaker, Thich Nhat Hahn, in his superb little book, Touching Peace. Just sit still, close your eyes, and breathe slowly and evenly, saying to yourself:

"Breathing in, I know I am breathing in.
Breathing out, I know I am breathing out.

Breathing in, I see myself as a flower.
Breathing out, I feel fresh.

Breathing in, I see myself as a mountain.
Breathing out, I feel solid."

After a few moments, gently ask your inner self to make you aware of the source of your fear. Becoming mindful in this way helps us become less volatile and more peaceful.

3. Deepen your awareness. If your thinking mind gets busy and blocks your attempt to reason through your fears, go below the conscious mind to a deeper state of awareness. The two easiest ways to do this are to slow your breath and relax the back of your tongue.

Just slow down your rate of breathing until your body relaxes and slows your thoughts. To further relax your mind, bring your awareness to the back, or root, of your tongue and relax your tongue until it is no longer "pulling" with movement.

You will feel the positive effects of these mind-calming techniques as your awareness centers in the relaxed, diffused "alpha" state (8-14 hertz in brainwave frequencies). Daydream until your answers emerge. If no insights emerge, let go for the moment and engage in something that allows your mind to wander. Or ask for an enlightening dream during the night.

4. Affirm perfection. If your fear is a deeply rooted thought or belief, till it up and plant new seed with life-giving affirmations.

In the 1960s, Eileen and Peter Caddy, living on the northeast coast of Scotland, planted seeds in sand that grew only briars. Through inner listening and prayers of love, everything needed came to them, giving rise to 40-pound broccoli plants, better understanding of the Law of Manifestation, and the famous Findhorn Community (, a center of light that sparked the New Age movement across our planet.

With faith, belief and trust, all fear can be overcome. This requires time and effort, but it is in overcoming our fears that we grow strong, pure and still more perfect.

Besides that, what you give to love will always give back to you. All of us, even spiritual masters, begin our lives with fear of what might lie ahead. Each step forward dissipates this fear. The joy of accomplishment takes its place.

A simple affirmation like "I am fearless, strong and peaceful" works wonders. Positive prayer and affirmations are auto-suggestions that reprogram the subconscious mind, rewire brain circuitry and center thought in the left prefrontal cortex, where positive emotions are processed. With brain function balanced, we begin to identify with the deeper, core self of happiness, joy and perfection.

This is who you really are. Constant awareness of your higher nature will heal your mind and change your life into the experience that you want it to be.

5. Recognize the reptile. Make note of what fear feels like so that you can slow and eventually stop the reptilian brain from seizing control of your ability to reason. Use meditation techniques to calm your body-mind. As neuroscientists have discovered with brain scans, meditation slows the reptilian response and brings the reptilian and mammalian minds into cooperation.

Instinct and reason, now balanced and working together, open doors to the higher mind and a global shift in consciousness. Now more open and receptive, the brain's reticular activating system, located at the top of the spinal column, stops censoring the information that it receives and now relays not just what we already believe, but what is needed to expand our perceptions of reality.

No longer will the mind look for things to fear; instead, it will seek reasons to love.

6. Activate your psychic senses. Become aware of the sensations in your body. If you feel fear in your heart or throat, check to see if it comes from emotional memory or is a warning from your higher self. What is happening in your stomach, where gut instinct lives? What does your gut instinct feel and say?

Feeling is our strongest psychic sense, so gently bring your awareness to your solar plexus, the area just above your navel, and allow your intuition to speak to you. If you are picking up negative vibrations from elsewhere, psychic feeling will identify the source.

7. Draw in your delta. To shut off an external source of fear, draw in your "delta" brainwaves. This category of brainwave frequencies is the radar, or field consciousness, by which we transmit feelings of empathy and receive psychic messages. Since you know what it feels like to be open and you know what it feels like to be closed, you can easily draw your delta frequencies close against your body-mind.

Once you've done this, ask to know your next best step. If you are picking up another person's chaos, you can beam back love or leave the area. Ask your soul which to do, both for yourself and the other person.

8. Expand into the infinite. If you cannot or do not wish to leave the vicinity, you can remain present and protect yourself by pressing together the thumb and forefinger of each hand to close the body's energy circuits. Next, expand your awareness outward as far as you can. The other person's energies will flow through the open spaces in your energy field and outward without attaching to you.

Even during a deliberate psychic attack, you can stay calm, centered and present. This enables you to draw insight and intuition from the depths of your inner being, no matter what occurs.

9. Gather your allies. Remember to seek insight from universal energies, including angels, spirits and your own higher self. Each of these draws wisdom from the same repository, so it doesn't matter which you call on. Ask and you will receive, if not immediately, then soon by way of inner knowing and/or outer synchronicity.

10. Evolve. Fear is a choice and so is love, as shown in this Native American story.

"I feel like I have two wolves fighting in my heart," the grandfather confesses to his grandson. "One wolf is the vengeful, angry, violent one. The other wolf is the loving, compassionate one."

The grandson asks, "Which wolf will win the fight in your heart?"

"The one I feed," the grandfather replies.

Since we are human, we are likely to feed both. Yet we can bring our two natures into harmony by feeding the deeper self with daily contemplative time, prayer and meditation; in diet and attunement to beauty and truth; and by serving others in thought, word and deed: ministering to the sick and needy, the lost and broken as time presents opportunities for doing so.

With spiritual practice we will satisfy our inherent need to love ourselves, others and God.

This is how to evolve the lower nature into the higher. Conscious evolution is not a matter of feeding one nature or the other, but creating a higher synthesis of both. It is found in what the Unity church calls The Creed of the Heart:

Our God is Love
Our Race is Human
Our Religion is Oneness

This oneness will carry us into our highest and best: pure, perfect beings awakening to perfect love.

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Do you remember the scene in "The Wizard of Oz" where Auntie Em advises Dorothy to go play in a place where nothing bad happens? Dorothy (Judy Garland) worries how to find this place, quiets her fears, and from the depths of her heart sings "Somewhere Over the Rainbow."

These days, a great many people would like to wish upon a star and wake up where troubles melt like lemon drops. Of course there is no such place on Earth except in the depths of meditation-or so I thought until recently, when I came face to face with a fire-breathing dragon in the sanctity of my meditation room.

The Lesson Begins

The lesson began with my sending love to U.S. President George Bush, among others, as a way of healing my difficulties with him. I was perfectly happy with doing this, as it felt good and right, but suddenly, a series of downfalls sent the president into a political tailspin.

I concluded that millions of prayers for world peace were bringing an end to his reign of terror. This judgment was my undoing. Soon I began to crow triumphantly at his misfortunes, joyfully anticipating the end of a presidency that has thickened my plot for years.

Later on, I realized that my opposition to him was based on fears of global war, which I thought justified, but was, nevertheless, a fear-driven source of opposition. Since this faithless attitude was out of harmony with love, my drama whipped up some karma in the form of a vortex of electromagnetic disturbances that sent me into the tailspin I'd wished on someone else!

As it was for Dorothy, my spinning tornado set me down on a yellow brick road to self-discovery. Happily, I landed in my meditation room, descended into the realm of my still, small voice and listened more carefully.

Not a Single Seed of Opposition

I learned some exquisite lessons on peace, beginning with the notion that lasting peace cannot contain a single seed of opposition. Given the boundless freedom of the human soul, we are here to express and understand who we are, so I cannot wish or force peace upon anyone else, nor upon our planet, no matter how much it is needed.

I'd been given this guidance before, but blocked it with the impulse to rise up and fight the president's drive to war. My opposition evidenced a lack of love and oneness within me; in love and oneness, my deeper self told me, there is no reason for opposition.

I'd been told by previous writings that protest against anything fuels it; that the very thought of defeating someone else makes defeat impossible, since we can't defeat ourselves. Since I saw no other way to be a peace activist, I had not fully perceived these lessons, which went over my head.

Now I quieted my ego, surrendered to Spirit and asked for guidance, whereupon a creative solution flowed peacefully into my mind.

Shout peace from the rooftops, said my soul, but speak in the language of love. Speak of what can and will be in time to come: a place of brotherhood in which all are equally respected and honored; a place of engagement in new ways of being in the world, which is no longer ruled by fear, control and domination, but instead is safe and free.

The old struggles will give way to higher ways of being, as young and old perceive that peace is the way.

How to bring about this era?

"By living it now, without lapse or participation in anything that is other than love," said my soul. "Any opposition, any ill word spoken in defense or offense of another creates the opposition that undermines the possibility of peace.

"Speak, then, of these possibilities. Shout them from the rooftops and go back into the heart repeatedly to find strength and connection to do so. Waver not. Be whole and free in this and peace will result."

Open Your Heart

This sounded impossibly idealistic, but the next day, the Thursday before Mother’s Day, showed how to live the lesson. In opening my e-mail I saw a message about a "Peace of the Pie" initiative of the U.S. Department of Peace ( and read an extraordinary call to peace by Julia Ward Howe, the founder of Mother's Day.

Stirred by Howe's spirited eloquence, I bought and on Friday delivered two fresh-baked pies to a congressman who found space for me in his busy schedule. Both of us were amused by this clever, homespun approach, so it was easy to talk about a cabinet-level department that would make peace an organizing principle in our society.

Speak in the Language of Love

Later on, I realized that it was the gift-giving which so naturally opened our hearts to the language of love. In mutually respectful peace, the congressman listened, asked questions and promised to share his shoefly pie with colleagues in Washington.

It was an excellent meeting that will reverberate peace, as will the messages in the flash movie on my upcoming website, The idea for it came up in meditation as an answer to my sense of powerlessness. This inspired project keeps my mind squarely on speaking peace and only peace.

Share Your Vision

What is your vision of a more peaceful world? If it is the vision of love-to hurt no other, to encourage and support, to give what is needed, to serve and be served by love-then it will bring you peace. If it is to speak in the language of love and call the world to a higher way of being, then, says the OneSoul, "It is time to soar on the wings of love.

"In the winds of time, life has prepared you for these moments. Speak what is known and felt to be true and none else. Call the world to its heart and the love in the heart."

I have realized from these words that this is the secret of all great spiritual leaders. Jesus, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr. and Mother Theresa, among others, spoke no words of division or difference, but called people to the essential spiritual truths that resonate in our hearts.

Peacemakers are the children of God, said Jesus. This means we are able to live in the light-filled awareness that so easily rises above fear to co-create a more peaceful, enlightened world.

Live in Perfection

When I look around, I see peace rippling across the planet as millions of people create exciting new ways to inspire inner peace, spiritual growth and earth-centered activism. We are beginning to understand that emitting the light of love, goodness, wisdom and healing sets the stage for global transformation.

If you like, you can join a growing network of planetary healers by taking a few moments each day to send light to the world. Healing light will evolve your mind, heal your body and wash over the Earth, enveloping people and communities that will respond in positive ways.

This is already occurring, as people stand up and speak their hearts for the sake of peace and justice. So it is with Al Gore's superb docu-drama on global warming, "An Inconvenient Truth," and James Redfield's movie, "The Celestine Prophecy," which shows us the light-filled path to multi-sensory evolution in our New Earth.

The soul of our planet calls us to take peaceful action to bring about a quantum leap in human consciousness. If you are ready, ask your heart to show you how to meet your greatness in this hero's journey called life. Or support and participate in plays, lectures and groups working to restore balance to the Earth.

One such production in my area, a Hindu stage play of dance and song entitled "Shanti" (meaning oneness with all of creation), sealed my lessons in peace with a reminder from Mother Theresa on why we are here.

Her words shine a guiding light illumining the path to harmony and reconciliation. "If we have no peace," she said, "it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other."

Back To The Top

Here's a reverie that works by quieting the mind to help you drift down to the silver screen of your soul. Once you relax into your deeper self, your creative mind will respond with insights into these questions. So take a few deep, slow breaths, relax with pen and paper, and contemplate what you would like this world to look like and be.

What would you include in your description of an ideal world? What would you add to or subtract from the list below?

  • Global peace and international cooperation
  • A planet with ample resources for everyone, myself included
  • To love and be loved for who I am
  • The joyful, fulfilling and prospering work of my dreams
  • Safe, nurturing homes and schools for children
  • Exciting educational experiences
  • Time to renew myself with rest, travel and hobbies

Jot down whatever is important to you. You are invited, if you like, to e-mail your vision for publication in the next issue of "The Still, Small Voice." If you send your ideas, we can integrate our lists into a single vision and affirm it in every issue of this newsletter.

Positive action will help us put an end to fear and open the way for peace.

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In late April, while back home visiting my family, I watched the first few minutes of a National Geographic special about the "shock and awe" missile attack on Baghdad. Computer animation mapped the path of the missiles, then came film clips of a beautiful, brightly lit city teeming with life.

I felt myself growing sad and depressed, so my brother, wanting to lighten my mood, put on a DVD of "The Chronicles of Narnia." Not long into the movie, I was shocked to find myself watching yet another war. (The metaphysical lesson: The closer we look, the more we see!)

While Narnia was at times enchanting, I hadn't remembered it as an all-out battle of good versus evil. Disheartened by the violence, I grew quiet, slipped into a contemplative state, and idly reviewed a stream of movies playing on my inner screen. One after another involved this battle of opposites.

Why, I wondered? And how does this violence influence us?

The Plot Thickens

Through the eyes of my higher self, I saw that movies depict our inner struggle to master our passions and evolve into more than we are. Literature, art and film portray our personal experiences and our understanding of one another's challenges and fears.

Here is human understanding at its best-and worst, since the creative mind possesses its own particular fears and biases.

We project onto the silver screen the loss, anguish and trials of the human heart and its coldness and cruelty to other hearts. Some people learn from this, some grow still colder. One triumphs or falters and fails. Just as in everyday life, opposition gives rise to challenge and complexity, and the mastery of each challenge calls us to higher levels of complexity.

But why so much violence and war? For the same reason, my inner voice reminded me, that souls project their inner struggles into physical form-to see and work with them.

Some years ago, I awakened from meditation with this understanding: that everything on earth exists and is supposed to be here because someone's mind needed and created it. Illness, hospitals, crime, prisons, divorce, pogroms, genocide-every circumstance, event and institution is necessary to someone's evolution, or it would not be here.

This insight gave me a measure of peace about the suffering in our world and now I made my peace with the violence on the silver screen. It is there to show us who we are and who we do not want to be.

We are standing on the brink of a precipice, unable to decide whether to jump to the other side or find meaning in what now exists and could continue as it is, my soul explained. Our intense inner struggle finds its way into film as human hearts contemplate which way to turn, both in self and in the world.

Off to See the Wizard

"The Wizard of Oz" perfectly describes our search for inner healing and the difficulties in finding it. In this classic movie, an allegory, only Dorothy and her dog Toto can find the place "where bad things don't happen," since the scarecrow, tin man and lion are busy needing the parts of themselves that are missing.

Sound familiar? Our books, movies, art and science show that every human being is filled with just such disabling fears, from the fear of change, loss and the unknown to fears of what is or is not inside of us.

Judy Garland's Yellow Brick Road

It was fear that caused so much suffering in Judy Garland, the immensely talented singer and actress who as a child rose to 1930s fame, starred in "The Wizard of Oz" in 1936, won humanity's heart onstage in the '50s and '60s, and still ranks among the greatest performers of all time.

Garland, who set impossibly high standards for herself, worked inhuman hours demanded by studio executives, exhausted her body with diet pills, and collapsed repeatedly in treatment centers that sent her back to work feeling worthless and alone.

Under her driving, relentless performance anxiety was a fear of failure and a profound lack of self-love and self-esteem. Finally rejected and abandoned by the studios for which she earned millions of dollars, she found strength in adversity, realized her perfection and returned to Broadway to sing to audiences who adored her.

Garland found in other people the love she had so much trouble giving to herself. For most of her life, she was constantly gripped by fear and self-doubt. She told a biographer, "I'm always afraid that this is the time they're going to catch me," meaning that people might discover her ultimate worthlessness.

The Courage of a Lion: Self-Love and Acceptance

For most of us, self-love and self-acceptance are the greatest challenges in life. Without these we experience a gnawing sense of loneliness-an aching hunger for something indefinable-and until we discover how to cure it, we wear masks to hide our perceived deficiencies and do this so well that we ourselves don't know who we are.

The only way out, we suppose, is to find a loved one who will give us what we can't give ourselves. So we search for that love and sometimes find it, but even then it's not enough because what we seek is union with the Greater Love for which the soul so deeply thirsts.

I discovered, and perhaps you have too, that this thirst can only be satisfied by spiritual love. When I understood through inner listening and synchronicity that God's true nature is love, I was able to love God and love God's presence in me. Soon I began to forgive myself for my failings, forgave others for theirs, and cleared tons of heaped-up anger and sorrow from my inner being.

I was able, at that point, to believe what my soul said: That no soul is greater than another and we are all pure, perfect beings on a journey back to God. With this understanding, I realized that I didn't have to measure up, compete with, apologize to or fear other people. What a relief!

Where self-esteem means thinking well of oneself, self-love refers to the actual energy of love. Self-love carries us to the Greater Love, and in this, it is our single most important quality.

Because self-love is an energetic bridge to divine love, it is the first step of any spiritual journey. Once we grasp that our connection to the divine is within us, we see, know and feel ourselves to be eternal beings with the ability to meet any challenge. In the light of this knowledge, fear gives way to love, faith, trust, self-forgiveness and our blossoming.

The Tin Man: "If I only had a heart"

Just as the tin man wanted a physical heart, so do we want some outward sign that we are acceptable and perfect. That sign takes shape as we begin to accept ourselves for the perfect beings that we are. If the divine light is within us, and it is, then any moment that we become aware of it, we are perfect too. The only thing that can keep us from being perfect is forgetting who we are.

It is our awareness of this perfection that heals us. Our divine nature heals every aspect of our being. This repair work can take days or lifetimes, but the journey is made exciting and fulfilling by the grace whose energies guide us.

Once we accept ourselves and unite heart, mind and body with Soul and Spirit, it is easy to perceive the guidance of the deeper self. Intuitive impulses are distinct, since we have become more sensitive to the currents of light flowing in the quiet of the body-mind. It is the light of Higher Love which heals the body, mind and spirit.

On the yellow brick road to self-love we find simple, clear directions to wholeness:

Love self
Love others
Be fulfilled in every way.

The Scarecrow's Confusion: "This way -- no, that way"

When I meditate regularly, I am steeped in self-love and enjoy a steady flow of creativity, intuition and insight. When I slide down a slippery slope, I lose my grip on love, get lost in fear, doubt and uncertainty, and feel like the empty-headed scarecrow who points in two directions and sings, "If I only had a brain."

Whether centered in love or lost in fear, I eventually regain direction and do what my soul voice advised 20 years ago:

' find that inner core of oneness and circle it with your heart. Inside it are the answers to all that you seek. It may be done with knowledge or even disbelief. The One calls to All."

I didn't understand what this meant, at first, but with each new lesson in love came more self-love, assurance, comfort and peace. As one of my meditative writings pointed out:

"Nowhere in this universe does it say that man carries the burden alone-in truth he does nothing alone. In the dreams of his fathers, he was carried by the Light; in the dreams of his sons, he is the Light.

Beginnings like these are only beginnings and must be seen as a child tottering with his first steps. He will outgrow the place where he began, but he may return to it with new perspective.

You will find each step easier than the one taken before, until you try something new. Then begins the same process of uncertainty and sometimes fear, in face of the unknown. Yet someday you will run... and someday you will fly."

The Wonderful Wizard of Love

With self-love, self-acceptance and the will to evolve, it's only a matter of time before we stand in the presence of the Wizard. Once we connect with the deeper self, we are energetically connected to universal consciousness and self-realization: that is, unity with pure consciousness.

It is in this superconscious state that spiritual energy flows into and through us. In the higher frequencies of these light energies, the brain balances itself, improves its connections with the central nervous system and gradually heals the body.

The disappearance of mental stress expands the boundaries of the mind, opens the heart and raises awareness into transcendent states which dissipate fear. When the lower mind unites with the higher superconscious mind, we become all that we can be: pure, perfect consciousness and a light to the world.

Dorothy's Ruby Slippers, Circling Back Home

One thing leads to another for each of us, as we discover what we want our lives to be and express this in the world. If your world does not represent what you want it to be, you will feel that something is missing or find yourself in conflict.

Inner conflict is a perfect signpost, since it spurs us to create harmony in inner and outer reality.

Peace and harmony are challenging to maintain. Yet when we close our eyes, click our ruby slippers together and lovingly intone, "There's no place like home, there's no place like home," the Greater Love hastens toward us with everything we need.

In the light of this Love, some will choose unity in self, family and the world. Some will choose discord. And one day, when most people are in unity, those who are in discord, finding no resonance, will change their tunes or fade away.

Such is the music of life: to heal the world with love and let love outpicture itself in all things. It's coming soon to a theater near you.

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The Sufi poet Rumi gives thanks to all oppositional forces,
including beggars and thieves:

"...because they have done me such generous favors.
Every time I turn back toward the things they want I run into them.
They beat me and leave me in the road, and I understand again
that what they want is not what I want.

Those that make you return, for whatever reason, to the spirit, be grateful for them. Worry about the others who give you delicious comfort that keeps you from prayer."

--Jalal ad-Din Rumi

"And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet
and the wind longs to play with your hair."

--Kahlil Gibran


The Still, Small Voice

The mission of this newsletter is to bring you the inner peace needed to access the voice of your soul. With this guidance we are lifted into our highest and best, and the Earth becomes a more humane and enlightened place.

Judith Pennington, editor

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"I read your newsletter and loved, loved, loved it. The article on blame was great! I also loved your Conversations with Cass. I’'ve asked the same
questions (about religion) myself and your answers were so right on target."

D.L., New Jersey


"I receive many e-mails about the war with Iraq. Your articles are the first to come to the understanding that war looms about us because we require its
presence to learn about peace. Thanks for your words."

Pat Walker
Richmond, Virginia


"I really enjoyed your article on Lobsang Samten. I am very sympathetic to the Tibetan situation and greatly appreciate their lifestyle and religion. Your article was insightful and enjoyable. Keep writing your excellent articles! Sticky questions and dilemmas for sticky times."

Melody C.
St. Louis, Missouri


"I just reread your May newsletter. It is nourishment for my soul today. I really needed its message of love and especially self-love. I have so enjoyed learning about the still, small voice within from you...all I can say is wow."

Rita Malone
Reno, Nevada


"A spectacular edition. I really loved the articles. Your writing remains among the best I'''''ve ever read."

Bruce Morgan
Baton Rouge, Louisiana


"I really enjoyed the new newsletter and have been particularly touched by the meditative writing. Can I tell you this is exactly the issue I am struggling with!"

Jennifer L.
Seattle, Washington